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Company History

Sollenberger Accounting, LLC was founded by Dwayne Sollenberger, CPA, in 2010. Prior to establishing Sollenberger Accounting, LLC, he served in audit and tax divisions for national, regional, and local firms, in Central Pennsylvania and Atlanta, Georgia. On November 1, 2015, Carolyn Horst sold her practice to Dwayne and remains actively involved as an ‘emeritus partner.’ Dwayne attended Manheim Central High School, graduating 3rd in his class, and graduated magna cum laude from Messiah College in 1998, and passed the CPA exam scoring amongst those top in the state. He and his wife Marah reside in Shippensburg, PA and have 5 children.

Our Brand

The Boxes: The three boxes represent your Company, your Employees, and the Community in which you serve.

Your Company: Obviously, your business is the primary concern. We support this. We believe in both Results and Joy. We must demand nothing less than successful profit. And we ought to find joy in the work.

Your Employees: We believe employees do the heavy lifting. They place their trust in your business. They should have a sense of respect and pride in their work and you should provide them with tools to succeed.

Your Community: We believe we are all connected and interdependent, that the American community includes everyone and leaves no one behind, that we care for each other and believe in shared responsibility and sacrifice, and that we know everyone has inherent value.

The Drop Shadow S': Sollenberger Accounting, LLC aims to preside outside the box with deep appreciation, respect and support for each box.

Baby Blue Color: Baby Blue Color: Youth, potential, energy, kindness, loyalty, peace.


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We have helped many individuals and businesses in the South Central PA area keep their finances on track. If you have any questions about the services we offer, please give us a call 24/7/365 at (717) 597-2746.