Distinctive Services

Here is part of an email I wrote this morning, and thought it was worthy of putting into a blog post. It gets to the heart of what I aim to do as a business, for my clients:

* * * *

Broadly, I want to be different than the other CPAs. Taxes and accounting are very complex, and intimidate normal folks, so when they interact with me, I want things to feel simple … just they way I want them to feel when they work with me on their accounting and taxes. I don’t want to impress them with detail, but rather how basic I can skinny down the complexity of accounting into something they understand.

All (all all all) my competitors will always try to confuse people, thinking the more they confuse their customers and clients, the more their customers and clients will need to pay my competitors to solve their problems.

I turn the table, and say I want to empower people, support them, so they can drive their own business forward. They need to be equipped by me to run their business. And they’ll feel empowered and make better decisions because they’re in it all day every day.

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2015 Mileage Rates

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