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Sollenberger Accounting, LLC was founded by Dwayne Sollenberger, CPA, in 2010. Prior to establishing Sollenberger Accounting, LLC, he served in audit and tax divisions for national, regional, and local firms, in Central Pennsylvania and Atlanta, Georgia. Dwayne attended Manheim Central High School, graduating 3rd in his class, and graduated magna cum laude from Messiah College in 1998, and passed the CPA exam scoring amongst those top in the state.

Forgive, please, the 'confusing nature' of this method. I'm using this website to post pictures and my life thoughts. I cannot use Facebook presently so this serves as a way to communicate Facebook type things to clients and the public. My approach is focused on a pastor's mindset, and as such, it's important that you understand the calls that I give to clients match the very life I aim to live. So as you scroll down this website run by Google, you'll see a combination of pictures and posts, and videos, that will help you get to know me better.

Now March 17 2019, if you scroll lower, you'll see a bit of a history here related to the recent dramatic stages of change within my business.

Today, it is clear that my new direction has reached a clear point of separation from the past. At the prior posts show, change was underway, but now that tax season is in full swing, the ongoing combination of me applying my new approach and the actual client responses has made it clear that a foundation is set for the future. I'm glad for this because, through it all, the most clear biblical example that comes to mind is Balaam's donkey. The donkey saw the angel of the Lord blocking the path (Numbers 22:25) and refused to move forward. To me, the donkey matches the Holy Spirit inside me. It simply refused to move forward.

And my own soul didn't recognize this. Just like Balaam didn't see the angel of the Lord, neither did I, but my spirit did. Because in the midst of all that happened, it is clear that where I'm at now is where I need to be, want to be, and is aligned with God's direction for my life and business. And, here, I can again stand confidently. It's not the first time I've been proud of my business, but here now again, I can market things comfortably. I needed to respect the history, and now that has taken it's own path. Time has also given me new wisdom and experience because I haven't operated in these ways before, but now long enough where consistent patterns are surfacing, and I'm learning how to handle those situations better. God willing, I hope to grow from here, along with my primary goal: that being serving the Lord as a pastor.

In September 2018, Dwayne relocated to Gettysburg. He experienced an unexpected 'reset' of his life and business priorities. Proverbs 18:10 was his theme verse because he needed something reliable. In the Lord's Strong Tower, he (and clients) are safe. He revamped his focus to rest on quality, private, specialized accounting services.

Matthew 7:25 speaks of building a house on the Rock, similar to Proverbs 18:10. Here now on January 15, 2019, his call to clients is clear:

"Are you willing to speak to God's role in having a healthy life, a profitable business, conducted with the utmost honesty, according to God's best?"

Notice what a Rock is not: it's not people (family, church goers, church leaders, loved ones), it's not money, it's not oneself, it's not happiness. It's simply God. And, too (for fun) it's not lovely pictures. You will pick me, and I will pick you, if we are united in this purpose statement here. This is the Truth as I see it after 43 years, and it's a call that's been present in the Bible that I've simply ignored because of the pain choosing it caused. But, here now where life revealed that those people and things and pleasures I trusted were not reliable, the next chapter then will be set properly. God help us. "Help, God, help" is perhaps my most common prayer these days.

Now February 14, 2019, the progression here makes me happy. You can't say after 3 entries (this being the 3rd) that 'it all makes sense. Maybe that takes 10 entries? And surely, the "American Dream" calls for some glorious picture of me at the end, smiling. And maybe that will come.

Or maybe it won't.

What has me now out of bed and typing is the thought that, for once, my inside and outside are one and the same. Know me, and you'll see in reasonably short order that my heart for God is strong. If you'll allow please, let's say it's 100% 'white hot holiness'. Couple that with a heart that is as big and wide as God's (again, I know I'm asking for more than is right, but go with me please) and, wow, you have a person you feel drawn to.

Someone you can trust.

Problem is, and again, this is what had me out of bed ... is that my inside was only 99%, meaning it was 1% less than the outward appearance you saw.

Not everyone saw this incongruity, not even me, but my enemies did. And they exploited it. And by 'they' one could actually point to 'them', or perhaps (as the War Room movie emphasizes) the battle isn't against them, but the 'principalties and powers' or, again as the War Room movie says, the Devil himself.

So it is with pleasure that, presently, the joy that comes from aligning the outward with the inward is unmistakable to me. For words that can only be shared privately exist, that speak to how I know the inside now matches the outside, I have a joy. An ellusive joy, mind you, but one that the pages of that typically black book you have, with Holy Bible written on the front ... that book has been saying things that match what I'm saying all along.

Problem is, I had to sacrifice it all to reach that point of joy. And that hurt. But the payoff seems well worth it so far.

Now to try to quickly bring this to a meaningful place for my business and you. What is important to know as you consider my services is that I am a pastor. I said that in jail to some people I trust in ways, but not like I trust God. And that statement made them, well, quiet. Or boistrous in criticism. And, well, frankly, that's their problem, or God's problem, because I believe it. God's problem in the sense that, yes, read scriptures that may (or as I say may not) speak to the qualifications of a pastor (or as I say, do they speak to elders or overseers, as opposed to the feet on the ground, hand on the staff, person who journeys with the sheep day after day) ... that confusion remains.

What I do know is that when I was about 12 years old, I felt called to be a pastor. "I'll provide" was the impactful words I felt then. I was sure I didn't want to be a poor pastor, but that phrase grabbed my attention. And, for this matter, it didn't come with streamers and confetti and a kazoo ... it had a sense of pain. Resolve. And, trust me, from today's viewpoint, that pain and resolve makes a lot of sense.

Because for me to do what I'm now doing was not easy. But now 'into tax season' and clients fall by the wayside because they don't want the service I'm now offering ... I know I've crossed that bridge, or reached a new plateau ... I've passed that test. And, well, good. If God wants me homeless, then so be it. What I do know is that what I was doing was leaving everyone harmed. And, so then if I take money for that, the Devil is in me.

And that's not acceptable.

Now, all this said, another key is to note that, as some have said, "We just want an accountant" and behind that is this reasonable notion that, well, an accountant is not qualified to talk to me about my 'health', whether it be dieting or any number of other things I know about you that relate to 'health' ... sorry ... I claim to be a pastor. Since the age of 12. Studying it with my life's passion. So, granted, I don't have M.Div behind my name, but when I also say I should be America's Next Pastor, remember that my predecessor to that title didn't go to seminary either.

David fought Goliath because he killed the lion and the bear; he did not have the armor or the rank in Saul's army. He simply knew what he was doing.

And I'll take that claim thank you very much. I've dealt with some people and seen enough amongst the ranks of life to say, unashamedly, that what I'm offering is BETTER than anything you can get ANYWHERE. I'm still looking for a church because no one I know preaches the message of the Bible properly. Well, 'preach' yes, but not live and act and manage and such.

So, whether it be today, or sometime, or never, at least I'm selling what I believe in. And until I acquire evidence that my way works, I'll point you to the Bible for evidence, and who wants that, right?! In America we can't be like Stephen and face a martyrs death. When I order from the local pizza shop they don't advertise the heart disease risk. And we, as Americans, have learned to overlook the reality of the false message of our country. The Bible, however, has been saying it plainly all along: give your full heart to the Lord. From the 1st of the 10 Commandments to Jesus's own words responding to the guy who asked what the greatest commandment was. And the Bible always talks to the sacrifice involved in being a faithful.

Now, yes, Stephen exists. He did. So did numbers of others. And we don't want this. I'm sure God didn't want it either. Fallen world and stuff. But too God says things like Matthew 6:33, where if we put Him first we'll get all the stuff anyway. And to this I point to Chester and Norma Sollenberger, my grandparents. They made so much money they paid for so many things. For so many people. And, best I know, even with some prying, I haven't found anything to say they compromised their integrity to get it. In fact, it was the opposite, that they went the extra mile to make things right even if a hint of darkness was present. I'll keep as asterisk here because if my message expands, I surely invite the hidden secrets to come out around them. Because they compel me. And there remain hundreds of silos around Franklin Co that stand as markers to the reality of a life well lived. Sure, even dead for some 20+ years, their legacy literally remains. And the pride I have for that is not the story; rather, it's the thing I can literally point to. And show clients, "Hey, the voices you hear, the questions you have, look there. There is a marker showing that God was right."

So, please, I'm sorry for my past. But pressing on now to win the prize for which God called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.

The path will hurt. I'm sure of that. But don't expect me to take your money to do your stupid taxes unless you buy into the bigger picture: "God first, health, profit, in honesty".

Love you, I'd die for Jesus,