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When God put me on this earth, I feel he designed me to do what I do today. I have the brains to manage complex accounting problems, and a heart to get to know my clients beyond the numbers, and drive their success. I have 20 years of experience in professional accounting and 7 years on my own. This is one of my passions of life. Singularity is a word I think best describes my approach. First, you’ll get singular attention. And second, the word means the point at which a given mathematical object is not defined or not well-behaved.


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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

I’ve always offered this guarantee, and from time to time, shell out some money to cover the problems I am responsible for. One time at a family get-together, I saw a old newspaper article advertising Sollenberger Silos, the business my great-grandfather started in 1908. That he guaranteed his silo in the advertisement had some of my family commenting that no one would offer that type of guarantee in today’s day. Well, I took that to heart, and think of it often – just like he stood behind his silos, I stand behind my accounting.