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Sollenberger Accounting, LLC was founded by Dwayne Sollenberger, CPA, in 2010. Prior to establishing Sollenberger Accounting, LLC, he served in audit and tax divisions for national, regional, and local firms, in Central Pennsylvania and Atlanta, Georgia. Dwayne attended Manheim Central High School, graduating 3rd in his class, and graduated magna cum laude from Messiah College in 1998, and passed the CPA exam scoring amongst those top in the state.

Matthew 7:25 speaks of building a house on the Rock, similar to Proverbs 18:10. Here now on January 15, 2019, his call to clients is clear:

"Are you willing to speak to God's role in having a healthy life, a profitable business, conducted with the utmost honesty, according to God's best?"

Notice what a Rock is not: it's not people (family, church goers, church leaders, loved ones), it's not money, it's not oneself, it's not happiness. It's simply God. And, too (for fun) it's not lovely pictures. You will pick me, and I will pick you, if we are united in this purpose statement here. This is the Truth as I see it after 43 years, and it's a call that's been present in the Bible that I've simply ignored because of the pain choosing it caused. But, here now where life revealed that those people and things and pleasures I trusted were not reliable, the next chapter then will be set properly. God help us. "Help, God, help" is perhaps my most common prayer these days.

In September 2018, Dwayne relocated to Gettysburg. He experienced an unexpected 'reset' of his life and business priorities. Proverbs 18:10 was his theme verse because he needed something reliable. In the Lord's Strong Tower, he (and clients) are safe. He revamped his focus to rest on quality, private, specialized accounting services.